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Thinning hair, hair loss, and baldness is a problem faced by many. Unfortunately, the problem affects not only men, but also women, sometimes even at a fairly young age.

Hair as a “mirror of health” reflects the state of our body. Often the deterioration in the appearance of hair is the first sign of pathologies inside the body  –  the endocrine system, reproductive organs, gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Will shampoo help with hair loss in this case? Or do you need a good trichologist to help determine the cause of your hair problems?

Here are some symptoms of growing problems:

  • Oily scalp;
  • dry scalp;
  • Irritated, sensitive scalp;
  • Brittle, damaged, dry hair;
  • Intensive hair thinning;
  • Baldness.


The appearance of these problems is a reason to consult a trichologist.

Our doctors have successful experience in treating the following diseases:

  • Hair loss;
  • Baldness;
  • Dandruff;
  • Itching of the scalp;
  • Damage to the hair structure;
  • seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis;
  • neurodermatitis of the scalp;
  • Psoriasis of the scalp;
  • Fungal, bacterial, viral lesions of the scalp.


The Androcenter clinic is equipped with a trichological camera, which allows you to carefully examine the image of the structure of the skin and hairline, magnified hundreds of times, to identify defects in the structure of the hair and hair follicles that are invisible to the naked eye. Patients will also be able to see the condition of the scalp and hair on the screen.

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