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Women’s health (annual prevention)

– initial consultation with a gynecologist – provides regular monitoring of women’s health and prevention of possible diseases


– Ultrasound of the pelvic organs – allows you to detect diseases of the pelvic organs, determine the cause of pain in the lower abdomen, menstrual irregularities, bleeding


– colposcopy – allows you to clarify the nature of pathological changes in the vagina and cervix, which is very important for the early diagnosis of the pathological process


– microscopy of urogenital material – carries out early diagnosis of infectious pathogens, the presence or absence of an inflammatory process


– cytomorphological study / PAP test / – allows you to timely identify the pathology of the cervix and assess the degree of change in the structure of the cell


– repeated consultation with a gynecologist – important for the analysis and interpretation of the data obtained after the examination