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Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that studies diseases of the digestive tract.

The number of patients with diseases of the digestive system is steadily increasing. This is due to the poor quality of food, water, modern ecology, stress, irregular meals in today’s rhythm of life. Most people today need the help of a gastroenterologist, since almost everyone has one or another pathology of the gastrointestinal tract – gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis, etc. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, belching, bitterness in the mouth, bloating, unstable stools, bad breath are symptoms that should be treated by a gastroenterologist.

If you have been diagnosed with duodenal ulcer or stomach ulcer, remember that this disease is seasonal, for no reason it can worsen in spring and autumn. At this time of the year, preventive treatment should be carried out. This will help to avoid relapses and complications of the disease.

Gallbladder stones cannot be removed conservatively, but seizures can be avoided with the right behavior and following a certain diet. How to do this, the Androcenter gastroenterologist will tell you.

Bloating and loose stools are among the most common complaints. The reason is intestinal dysbiosis. A gastroenterologist will help you find out what flora lives in your intestines and adjust its amount if necessary

Recently, the number of patients with viral hepatitis has increased. Such patients should be under the supervision of a gastroenterologist and receive preventive courses of treatment.

If you have found helminths – giardia, ascaris, etc., our gastroenterologist will advise you how to get rid of them.

There are age-related features in the activity of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The body “wears out” and needs help. A gastroenterologist will also tell you how to help your organs.

If during the ultrasound examination you did not reveal any changes in the abdominal organs, but there are complaints from them, it is better to contact a gastroenterologist. The thing is that ultrasound reveals changes in the structure of organs, but does not see changes in their function, which gives complaints.

Many allergic, skin and other diseases are associated with pathological changes in the digestive organs, therefore, in this situation, consultation with a gastroenterologist is also necessary.

The first item in the appointments of a gastroenterologist is “DIET”. The Androcenter specialist is well versed in dietetics and will tell you in detail how to eat in case of a particular disease.

Also, the gastroenterologist will advise which sanatorium is better to go to for the treatment of a particular disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

These are just a few of the most common examples and reasons why you should seek the advice of a gastroenterologist.

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