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The personal and, in particular, the sexual life of each person depends on his behavior, which is formed under the influence of a number of factors:

  • biological (state of health, sexual constitution, age);
  • psychological (perception of a partner, attitude to sex);
  • social (religiosity, level of culture, upbringing, environment, adherence to traditions).



Favorable factors become the basis for a healthy sexual relationship, while negative factors create problems that affect a person’s sexuality and lead to the development of diseases. Dissatisfaction with sexual life also arises due to elementary sexual illiteracy. A person, being ignorant in sexual matters, instead of getting qualified advice from a sex therapist, seeks help from incompetent persons whom he considers more informed in this area, and often harms his health. The causes of sexual disorders can be mental disorders or borderline conditions (psychopathy, psychosomatic illnesses, character accentuation). Also, sexual disorders occur due to depression, midlife crisis, menopause and andropause.



All types of sexual disorders, their origin, diagnostic methods and methods of treatment are studied by sexopathology. Only a professional sexologist or sexopathologist can understand the problems of each specific person and help him. After the elimination of sexual disorders, the patient begins to live a full-fledged sexual life, experiencing pleasure and giving pleasure to a partner. Correction of marital sexual relations strengthens marriage, makes family life bright and rich. Sexopathologists of the medical center “Androcenter” in Kyiv carry out diagnostics, prevention and treatment of sexual disorders. Properly provided medical care allows many patients to gain confidence and improve their personal lives. When making a diagnosis, the following are taken into account: genetic predisposition, lifestyle and worldview, state of health, previous illnesses and injuries, the presence of infections. In “Androcenter” you can get qualified medical advice from a sexopathologist if you are interested in the following questions:

  • erectile dysfunction (impotence);
  • deviation (curvature) of the penis;
  • male infertility;
  • premature ejaculation.


Doctors of Androcenter Medical Center are members of international professional associations, participate in seminars and conferences, and are proficient in all modern methods of treatment. Secopathologists of the Androcenter have academic degrees and are students of the founder of Ukrainian sexology.

In the event that conservative methods of treatment (medication) do not give the desired result, doctors resort to surgical treatment. Sexopathologist-andrologist Professor Boyko , owns all modern types of surgical interventions: penis lengthening, prosthetics, male sterilization, surgical treatment of premature ejaculation.

Our medical center also provides counseling for couples – each patient has the opportunity to receive a joint specialist consultation with a sexual partner.

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