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Preparing for motherhood

– initial consultation with a gynecologist – provides regular monitoring of women’s health and prevention of possible diseases

– Ultrasound of the pelvic organs – allows you to detect diseases of the pelvic organs, determine the cause of pain in the lower abdomen, menstrual irregularities, bleeding

– Ultrasound of the thyroid gland is very important to conduct before pregnancy. The study of the structure, structure and size of the thyroid gland allows timely detection and prevention of possible thyroid diseases.

– Ultrasound of the mammary glands – necessary for the timely detection of breast pathology and timely treatment, makes it possible to draw up a plan for managing the patient during pregnancy

– colposcopy – allows you to clarify the nature of pathological changes in the vagina and cervix, which is very important for the early diagnosis of the pathological process

– cytomorphological study – allows you to timely identify the pathology of the cervix and assess the degree of change in the structure of the cell

– microscopy of urogenital material – carries out early diagnosis of infectious pathogens, the presence or absence of an inflammatory process

– screening of urogenital infections – is carried out in order to identify microorganisms that can cause diseases of the urogenital tract, assess the state of the biocenosis and the severity of the imbalance

– complete blood count – it is important to know the total blood counts as a screening test of the health of the body

– blood type and Rh factor – necessary to identify the risk zone for hemolytic disease of the fetus or newborn

– urinalysis – necessary to assess kidney function and the woman’s condition

– thyroid-stimulating hormone is a very important component in the metabolic system. This hormone controls the work of the thyroid gland and is an indicator of its function. It is important for the health of the woman and the fetus

– Ig G TORCH (toxoplasma, rubella, herpes virus, cytomegalovirus) – allows you to determine the presence of immunity to the most dangerous infections for the fetus, and, if necessary, take therapeutic or preventive measures before pregnancy.

– glucose – is carried out for the purpose of early detection of diabetes mellitus, which significantly reduces the risk of a complicated pregnancy

– repeated consultation with a gynecologist – important for the analysis and interpretation of the data obtained after the examination