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Laboratory diagnostics

The key to successful effective treatment is a correct diagnosis, so we pay special attention to diagnosis. Along with instrumental methods and ultrasound, the Androcenter doctors use all the possibilities of laboratory diagnostics.


To date, there are many methods of laboratory diagnostics, and this list continues to expand.

There are several types of laboratory research:

  • general clinical;
  • Cytological;
  • bacteriological;
  • Biochemical;
  • Immunological;
  • Histological;
  • Hormonal;
  • Allergological;
  • Hematological and others.


The range of laboratory examinations is constantly expanding, the devices used are being updated and new methods are being introduced.


Working with several laboratory diagnostic centers in Kyiv, we analyzed their services and chose the best Omega laboratory in terms of price-quality ratio.

Thus, we always provide our patients with high-quality and affordable analyzes in the shortest possible time.

If you are not a patient of Androcenter, you can also contact us and take the necessary analysis prescribed by your doctor.

You can get acquainted with the list of analyzes and prices for them in the Prices section under the heading “Laboratory diagnostics”.

The clinic administrators will tell you about the rules and recommendations, how to properly prepare for the test, during the preliminary appointment by phone.

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