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About Androcenter

Androcenter Medical Center is one of the first sexual health centers in Kyiv, founded 2006 by the famous andrologist Professor Mykola Boiko.

Professionals in the field of andrology, urology and sexual medicine were engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system, advised on infertility, sexual disharmony, family planning.

Often, for the correct and complete diagnosis of a particular condition, the presence of not only a man, but also his partner, as well as consultations of related specialists was necessary. So gynecologists appeared on the staff of the medical center. Then the Androcenter logo was born - an apple, symbolizing the masculine and feminine principles, health and longevity.

Over time, other specialists came, and Androcenter turned into a multidisciplinary clinic where you can quickly and efficiently receive qualified medical care, undergo the necessary examinations and get recommendations from professionals.

Comprehensive offers

The clinic has developed comprehensive programs. Their advantages: selection of necessary research methods; consultation with a doctor based on the results of the examination; savings - 20% discount on the entire list of services included in the program; saving time - all examinations and consultations are carried out within 2-3 days.

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