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Consultation with a mammologist is necessary if:

  • You feel periodic pain or discomfort in the mammary glands or axillary areas;
  • You have found seals in the mammary glands or axillary areas;
  • You notice a significant change in the size or asymmetry of the mammary glands;
  • There is discharge from the nipples;
  • You have found redness of the chest;
  • If the mammary gland has been injured (blows, bruises, bites);
  • There are changes in the skin (swelling, retraction, retraction) in the nipple area.


The mammologist of the Androcenter clinic diagnoses and treats the following diseases:

  • Tumors and neoplastic diseases (fibroadenoma, sarcoma, cancer, etc.);
  • Hormonal imbalance (mastopathy, gynecomastia, mastodynia, mastalgia);
  • Inflammatory processes (mastitis).


The mammologist of our center is a specialist in breastfeeding, prevention and treatment of lactostasis (milk stasis) in nursing mothers.

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