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Athlete health

– Study of sex hormones

(Testosterone general and free, estradiol) is important, since many male functions, including achievements in sports, depend on their level. Muscle growth, energy and excellent mood is associated precisely with male sex hormones. This study is especially necessary when athletes use drugs that increase testosterone levels. The level of estradiol must be determined as it rises after an increase in testosterone.

– Analysis of ejaculate (spermogram)

With the use of hormone replacement therapy, sperm counts may decrease, which must be remembered and monitored 

– General blood analysis

It is important to know the total blood counts as a screening test and for the possible administration of hormone replacement therapy.

– Liver tests (complex “Biochemical No. 1”)

For an athlete, there are increased requirements and therefore it is necessary to know about the state of all organs and the liver in particular, especially when using special preparations, dietary supplements and additional nutrition.

– Examination and consultation of an andrologist