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Men’s Health 40+

– Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate gland: TRUS is necessary to assess the condition of the internal genital organs and to establish the presence of possible inflammatory and oncological diseases. In addition, in a man 40+, malignant growth in the tissues of the prostate gland is already possible.

– Complete blood count It is important to know the total blood counts as a screening test, and with a view to possibly prescribing hormone replacement therapy

– Blood glucose With age, diabetes mellitus, as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, can develop initially asymptomatically and sometimes an increase in blood glucose is detected for the first time when examining men with ED

– Lipidogram (complex “Lipid No. 2”) Like blood glucose, an increase in cholesterol and some of its indicators increase with age and lead to erectile dysfunction

– Index of free testosterone The level of total and free testosterone decreases with age, thus lowering the manifestations of many functions of a man.

– Prostate-specific antigen, common and free (oncomarker) This marker must be determined annually as an early indicator of prostate malignancy, which will enable timely radical treatment without the development of metastases

– Examination and consultation of an andrologist is necessary for the evaluation and interpretation of the data obtained after the studies.