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Lengthening, thickening of the penis

At the clinic, we encounter requests from clients who want to increase the size of the penis in terms of length/thickness quite often. Is such a desire always justified? Indeed, in some cases, penis size is significantly inferior to the average. But most men do not need surgery at all. The point is, rather, in a negative psychological attitude, when for some reason the patient considers his penis to be small, and even an experienced doctor cannot convince him otherwise. In psychology, this is called penile dysmorphophobia (micropenis syndrome) and is treated with a course of psychotherapeutic sessions.

But still, do not underestimate the importance of increasing a man’s self-esteem and confidence for normal sexual function.

An effective way to increase the size of the male penis with the help of medications has not yet been found.

In modern medical practice, surgical or hardware methods are used to lengthen the penis.


With its help, an increase in the male penis by 2-4 cm in length and 1 cm in circumference is achieved. For this, a specially designed tool is used – an extender with a vacuum attachment, which allows you to achieve the desired without surgical intervention. Certified models of European-made extenders can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized stores.

Principle of operation: the device is fixed on the penis daily for 4-9 hours, during which, with the help of special rods, the cavernous bodies of the penis are gradually stretched. It takes at least six months to achieve a positive effect.

Despite the claims of advertising about the complete safety of the device, in order to avoid possible complications, you can start using the extender only after a qualified consultation with a doctor.


Allows you to increase the penis by 2-6 cm (average – 3-4 cm) in length and ~ 6-8 mm in diameter (3-4 cm in circumference).

The operation to lengthen the penis is performed by the method of ligamentotomy.

It is based on the features of the anatomical structure of the male penis, which consists of two hollow cavernous bodies. During an erection, their cavities fill with blood. Since the cavernous bodies are attached by a ligament to the pubic bone and fixed by the skin, about ⅓ of their length remains inside the body. The ligamentotomy method involves dissection of the suspensory ligament and, accordingly, an increase in the penis by the length of the inner part of the cavernous bodies.

The surgery takes about an hour and a half and is performed under anesthesia.

The undoubted advantage of the method is the rapid achievement of the desired result, which can be fixed by wearing an extender.

Also, you can lengthen the penis using:

  • liposuction (in case of excessive layer of subcutaneous fat);
  • carrying out plastic surgery of the skin (with a buried penis);
  • albuginea plastics. 

The increase in the thickness of the penis, as a rule, is carried out simultaneously with the lengthening. Previously, adipose or muscle tissues of the patient, various synthetic materials and gels were used as implants. In addition to an unaesthetic appearance and a short-term effect, this could also cause transplant rejection and tissue trophism disorders.

Our clinic uses a progressive technique developed by a professor of medicine from Belgrade, Sava Perovic. Under the skin of the penis, the patient is injected with a biodegradable matrix, which, in the process of resorption, is gradually replaced by the body’s own cells. This allows you to achieve the desired results and avoid rejection.

To increase the effectiveness of penis lengthening, we have developed a completely new original method of plastic surgery of the pubic area skin, which, unlike others, more effectively lengthens the penis.

Another effective method to increase the thickness of the penis is lipofilling. During the operation, liposuction of the patient’s pubis is performed. After processing according to a special technique, the resulting adipose tissue is injected under the skin of the penis, increasing its volume. The result is stored for about one and a half to two years, after which it is recommended to repeat the operation.

It should be noted that all operations to lengthen or thicken the male member give a more positive effect in patients who want to increase the penis in a calm state, and not in an erect state.

In any case, it is important for each patient to determine the degree of need for surgical intervention to solve their problem or to dwell on psychotherapeutic methods.