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Operation Marmara

With pathological expansion of the vein of the seminal current of the testicle, the operation of varicocele (Marmara) is required, which belongs to the field of peritoneal microsurgery. The pathology of the male reproductive system, caused by circulatory dysfunction in the area of ​​the testes, is quite common today. According to the statistics of the European Association of Urology, the Marmara operation for varicocele is prescribed for approximately 11% of men of mature puberty. Most often, the disease is diagnosed on the left testicles, less often on the right and on two at once. Approximately a quarter of patients have a malfunction in the spermogram (ejaculate sampling), pain occurs in 10% of cases, so the diagnosis is determined to a greater extent in the later stages of varicocele development, or situationally – when contacting another specialized specialist.

As a rule, the Marmara varicocele operation is performed after a comprehensive examination of the patient: the diagnosis requires the exclusion of all ailments similar in symptoms, among which malignant kidney damage is considered the most dangerous.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy – the “gold standard” of treatment at an affordable cost

The Marmara operation, the cost of which fully justifies the effect of recovery, is performed after determining the degree of damage to the varicocele. Depending on the size of the venous expansion, 4 types of ailment are called:

  • subclinical type (enlarged testicular vein is not palpable, scrotal destruction is not observed, ultrasound examination is required);
  • I degree (palpation of the vein in the analysis of Valsalva);
  • II degree (palpation of the vein at rest, visual expansion of the testis is not observed);
  • III degree (visual definition of vein expansion, testicular hypotrophy).

At the moment, microsurgical varicocelectomy or Marmar operation is considered the “gold standard” of surgical treatment of varicocele, which can be performed at any stage of the disease. The main advantages of this method is a significant reduction in the number of complications and relapses in the postoperative period.

One of the most common complications after Ivanisevich’s operation is a hydrocele. It occurs due to ligation of the lymphatic vessels. Also often bandaged, cross the testicular artery, which in 14% of cases leads to testicular atrophy.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy is performed using optical magnification, which provides reliable identification and differentiation of veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels, which helps to avoid the problems described above.

According to the literature, when using Ivanisevich’s methods and laparoscopic ligation, relapses were observed in 5-25% of operated patients. The introduction of subinguinal access has reduced the recurrence rate to 1%. The Marmara operation, like laparoscopic ligation, allows the patient to leave the clinic on the same day. An intradermal cosmetic suture is applied, and the postoperative scar usually does not exceed 3 cm.

Operation Marmara: the best prices in Kiev, professional approach!

The disease is easier to prevent than to cure. A comprehensive examination of the body for the purpose of prevention, as well as an appeal to a specialized specialist in case of symptoms of varicocele, is possible at an affordable cost in Kyiv – at the Androcenter medical center. Certified specialists with many years of experience in performing microsurgical operations in the peritoneum are the key to the health of your body, restoring its natural energy and strength.

Innovative methods of varicocele treatment guarantee the maximum efficiency of both the surgical intervention and the rehabilitation period. Establishing a final diagnosis based on the necessary outpatient tests eliminates the risk of choosing the wrong course of therapy, which means incompetence of the operation.