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Circumcision of the foreskin (circumcision)

The removal of the foreskin from the penis in whole or in part with the help of a surgical operation is called circumcision, or circumcision. After circumcision of the foreskin, the head of the penis is exposed.

Circumcision has been known since ancient Egypt. Currently, there can be several motivations for circumcision – religious, medical, hygienic and aesthetic.

Phimosis makes it difficult to perform sexual intercourse, because the foreskin “does not release” the head of the penis out.

The excessive length of the foreskin contributes to the occurrence of chronic inflammatory processes. With inflammation, the patient experiences itching, feels an unpleasant odor. The foreskin becomes rough, often breaks occur.

There are several types of operations that differ in the amount of cut off the skin of the penis. Minimal or partial circumcision is used most often from a medical point of view. As a rule, such an operation is performed when there is excess foreskin or a scar ring is formed. The outcome of such an operative intervention: the head of the penis in a calm state is either covered by the foreskin, or leaves the urethra slightly open. In other cases, circumcision of the foreskin completely opens the glans penis.

Often, the circumcision procedure is referred to as a type of plastic surgery. Cutting off a piece of the foreskin of the penis is not difficult for a novice surgeon. However, only a qualified surgeon who has knowledge and experience in the field of plastic surgery can give the penis a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Circumcision at the medical center “Androcenter” is performed under local and general anesthesia and lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on the method used. Plastic intervention is performed with an exact comparison of the surgical wound and layer-by-layer suturing of the skin membrane, including an intradermal suture. At the same time, we lengthen the foreskin if necessary. As a rule, the postoperative period lasts no more than 10 days. Sex life can be continued three to four weeks after the operation. In the case of a not very aesthetic appearance of the penis due to a roughly performed earlier circumcision operation, we can perform plastic correction of the skin.

After the operation, as a rule, sexual function increases, sexual intercourse may lengthen. Due to improved blood circulation, the penis is slightly enlarged both in a calm and in an erect state.